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A national network of communities that offer different tools, learning opportunities, and support for job seekers and organizations.

Types of Features Available

The different communities on the Magnet Platform give you access to learning content for reskilling and upskilling, support services from dedicated community partners, resources, and a gateway to employment opportunities designed to keep you ahead of the curve in Canada's ever-changing job market. Each community has tools and functionalities tailored to its project goals and finding the right community will help you find valuable resources for talent acquisition, business growth, upskilling, and more.

Employment Opportunities

Explore community job boards to find opportunities in projects that meet your needs and help you successfully navigate the dynamic labour market landscape.
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Personality Assessment

Offer a unique way to define and articulate your strengths. They provide you with the vocabulary to effectively communicate your skills and abilities in cover letters, resumes, and interviews.
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Skill Enhancement

Embrace the potential of continuous learning to upgrade your qualifications and acquire the skills that are highly sought after by employers. Stay at the forefront of your field, ensuring your relevance and demand.
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Event Notifications

Stay in the know about upcoming events, expert panels, and expos. Seize the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and showcase your expertise to a wider audience.
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Communities for Individuals

Your World of Opportunities

The Magnet Platform has over 400 communities across Canada with tools and resources that help individuals access the skills and experiences they need to grow in their careers and that help organizations bolster their productivity and resilience.

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List of Communities

Employment Connections @ The Chang School

The Chang School’s Internationally Trained Healthcare Profes...

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NLWIC Best Practice Repository

The Newfoundland Workforce Innovation Centre is fostering fu...

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Magnet AI


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